Women's hats

Axis-Italy researches, designs, and produces high-quality Made in Italy hats for your brand aimed at women.

All models result from meticulous and selective production, making each women's hat a unique piece.


The search for innovative forms in private label women's hats is guided by material choices based on functionality and comfort concepts.

From a wide array of materials, each undergoes various processes to meet customer needs. The application of aesthetically significant accessories confers unmistakable elegance to women's hats.

The assembly of women's hats spans from ancient straw traditions to new techniques and distinct materials: from premium fabrics to finely selected leather goods, felt, fur, and the highest-quality yarns.


Specializing in women's hat production and complementary accessories for specific lines, Axis-Italy designs and creates customized samples while ensuring maximum confidentiality and attention to detail.

Versatile and flexible in production due to the high level of craftsmanship, typical of Made in Italy, it guarantees high product quality and reliability in production times.

Years of experience collaborating with renowned high-fashion brands serve as our assurance, catering to international clients such as department stores, distribution groups, commercial affiliations, or individual boutiques.

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