Made in Italy


"Made in Italy" carries ancient prestige. It represents the fusion of creativity, quality, and inventiveness. From fashion to footwear, from furniture to inventions and scientific discoveries, "Made in Italy" has always been synonymous with distinction worldwide.


The Italian essence of the brand contributes to the immediate recognition of the product it represents, ensuring quality and prestige. The "Made in Italy" label can only be assigned to products entirely manufactured in Italy.


Today, the "Made in Italy" certification institution extends the brand to many productive sectors. "Made in Italy" products embody a tradition of artistry and craftsmanship, artisanal work, industrial wisdom, and meticulous attention to detail developed over decades. True "Made in Italy" is unique and exists only when ideation, design, and production occur within the country.


"Made in Italy" represents the experience and tradition of a country that has developed universally recognized know-how over the decades. Italian producers symbolize excellence and leadership in many sectors. Italy has become synonymous with design and innovation, style, and luxury. "Made in Italy" is no longer just a label for Italian-made items but a distinctive mark, especially in the world of fashion.


Proof lies in the fact that Italian designers' fashion shows are among the most followed and appreciated. When designers decide to extend their brand to accessories, believing that completion is essential to enhance a garment's beauty, it solidifies the empire of Italian fashion worldwide. The role played by accessories in the world is pivotal.