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Man's hats

    Axis Carlo Forti man’s hat is a strictly made in Italy product, realized with high quality materials, finished with care and high level craftsmanship.

    Man’s hats collections is recognizable by an original and innovative design, coming from a constant research on fashion trends, that permits Axis man’s hat to be unique.

    Man’s hat collection comes from the expert hands of master craftsmen, able to define models, select the best materialsand initiate the confection with a scrupulous care of details.

    The result is a high quality product, original but at the same time not conventional, a mix of tradition and design. Man’s hat collection is produced with a wide range of materials, that, depending on the type, are subjected to multiple processes, always with the aim of satisfying customer’s exigencies.

    It is possible to find together traditional straw hats and modern hats created with new techniques, and all the most particular materials: refined textiles, selected leathers, felt, fury, and high quality yarns. Specialized in the production of man’s hats and related accessories to complete particular lines, Axis studies and realizes customized pattern books, granting maximum of privacy and detail care.

    The high level craftsmanship typical of made in Italy products can also be found in Axis versatility and flexibility.

    It experienced collaboration with the most famous brand of haute couture. In the creation of man’s hats, it is attentive in the choice of the style, it selects with accuracy the raw materials. In this way it can satisfy the exigencies of a national and international clientele, such as stylists, shopping centers and boutiques, which are increasingly exigent and constantly evolving.

    The Certification given from Artistic Craftsmanship for the craftsman and traditional production of man’s hat is the recognition that its craftsmanship has an extreme artistic value.

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    Axis Carlo Forti man’s hat is a strictly made in Italy product, realized with high quality materials, finished with care...

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