About us


Since 1996, Axis Italy has been dedicated to merging artisanal tradition and innovation in the world of high-fashion hats. Founded on passion and commitment to excellence, our history is a journey through crafting distinctive, high-quality hats.


Young and innovative, the company embodies the dream of its founder, Carlo Forti. His expertise in the industry and a lifetime devoted to the world of hats guarantee success for every entrepreneur in the field.

We take pride in our Italian artisanal heritage. Located in Monte Vidon Corrado, at the heart of Marche, we combine traditional artisanal techniques with modern innovations to create hats that embody timeless elegance.


Our philosophy rests on attention to detail, quality materials, and an incessant pursuit of perfection. Each hat encapsulates the essence of craftsmanship, celebrating the uniqueness of every creation.


We are committed to delivering products that not only meet but exceed expectations. Quality, attention to detail, and respect for Italian artisanal tradition are at the core of every creation.


Continuing to innovate in the fashion world, we create hats that not only complete an outfit but become its distinctive element. We collaborate with our clients to craft unique hats that convey style and personality.


Axis is more than just a hat brand. We are a community of artisans and fashion enthusiasts who share a passion for creating wearable art.


We focus on the creativity of those who see headwear and related accessories as distinctive elements, thanks to meticulous technical and stylistic research, coupled with precise craftsmanship. Specializing in manufacturing men's and women's hats and complementary exclusive design accessories, we work with major names in the fashion and clothing industry, creating personalized sample collections.